The Best Christmas Presents For Dogs

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The Best Christmas Presents For Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and our furry companions. Our dogs deserve the very best, and that is especially true at Christmas time. Have you ever asked yourself, “what would be the perfect present for my dog this Christmas?” Well, if you have, you are in the right place. Because we have put together a list of the best Christmas presents for dogs. 

This list has been thoughtfully created to cater for different budgets, needs, and breeds. We have made sure you have plenty of choices for dog gifts that are practical and others that are simply fun! It’s all about balance, right?

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your dog that is fun and playful, just like them, we have you covered. Or maybe you are looking for a present for your dog that is sturdy and useful.

It’s worth noting these gifts are all durable. This means if you do choose a gift that is Christmas-themed, it can come out again year after year! No single-use plastic here. 

Let’s explore these present options below, and you can pick and choose the best ones for your pup. Welcome to the best Christmas present ideas for dogs… 

Personalised Christmas stockings for dogs

A firm favourite! Christmas stockings are wonderful every year, but a personalised paw Christmas gift stocking? Totally unmatched. Our stockings are 45cm in length and 20-30cm in width. They sit perfectly hanging over a fireplace. They are available as they are, but we do offer the option to have them embroidered with your dog's name – and who wouldn’t want an adorable personalised stocking for their pup above the fireplace? It can also sit wonderfully as a hanging decoration elsewhere in the house. 

Shop Dog Christmas Stocking

Christmas jumpers for dogs

Do we even need to explain why getting your pup a Christmas fleece jumper is a good idea? Needless to say, the cuteness factor is undeniable. Seeing a gorgeous dog in a Christmas jumper will immediately fill everyone with joy. But cuteness aside, a warm fleece is very practical, especially in these chillier months. Christmas fleece jumpers for dogs are a thoughtful and practical way to include pets in the holiday celebrations, making them a great Christmas present for your dog or maybe a friend with a dog.

BullyBillows’ doggy Christmas jumper features:

  • Extra warm 
  • Super comfortable
  • Stretchy material
  • Machine washable
  • Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. 
Shop Dog Christmas Jumper Fleece

The best dog treat pouches

This one is perfect for all-year-round use. Choose between the BullyBillows' highest-quality doggy-treat bags. They are adjustable in length and easily fit around the dog walker’s waist. Available in pink, tan, black, and khaki – choose a colour (or colours) that match their harness or collar. The treat pouches are the perfect size for must-have goodies on daily walks and when out training with your pup. 

Psst… Secret Santa idea alert! We also recommend a dog treat pouch for any friend who is a dog-lover or difficult to buy for work colleagues. 

BullyBillows’ dog treats pouch features:

  • Wipe clean material
  • Anti-friction material for zero chafing
  • Available in lots of colours
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Ultra soft

Shop Dog Treat Pouches

Cosy blanket

The best gift for both dogs and their owners a calming and comfortable blanket. Made from 50% flannel and 50% cashmere, this super soft blanket is non-irritant and lovely against fur and skin. A blanket is also a great way of easing anxiety in dogs. The light weight of the blanket on a dog helps if they’re feeling scared or overwhelmed. 

Blanket features:

  • Available in two sizes: 1m x 1m and 1.5m x 1.5m.
  • Wash on low heat

Shop Dog & Human Blanket

Dog shampoo, conditioner & cologne 

Picking the best doggy shampoo, conditioner, and cologne products are a great stocking filler for a dog-lover or just to purchase for your own dog. Grooming with dog shampoo and conditioner contributes to the overall health and well-being of dogs, ensuring they look, feel, and smell their best. During the winter months, when dogs may spend more time indoors, regular bathing with a high-quality shampoo can help prevent dry skin and irritation. This is why Christmas is the right time to get your pooch some shampoo – just as it’s getting colder. 

BullyBillows’ shampoo, conditioner and cologne features:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Completely vegan
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Available in six scents: Gentle Baby Powder, Inviting Camomile, Sweet Strawberry, Refreshing Mint & Hemp, Zingy Tea Tree and Tropical Mango & Coconut.

Shop Dog Shampoo, Conditioner & Cologne

Fur de-shedding combs

Using a de-shedding comb on your dog could strengthen your relationship with your pup. It offers the chance for routine physical contact and grooming, which is always good. Anything you can do with your dog that could bring you even closer, is definitely a Christmas present worthy, in our opinion! Our de-shedding combs are available in pink and black and are suitable for all breeds. And we recommend using a de-shedding brush in the summer, especially as excess fur can often mean dogs feel unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Shop Deshedding Combs

Practical Christmas gifts for dogs and dog lovers

The gift ideas for dogs and dog owners below are all very practical, suitable for all-year-round use, and a must-have for any dog owner. 

Dog collars

Depending on how long your dog has had their collar, it may look a little worn or loved, shall we say? It could be time to upgrade your dog’s collar. Take a tour of the BullyBillows collection of dog collars, all lined with neoprene or foam for ultimate comfort. 

See Dog Collars

Dog leads

No dog walk would be complete without it – a dog lead! Get your pup a brand-new lead to take them out on Boxing Day, or maybe you could do with a new training lead? Whatever lead you need for your pooch, explore our collection of lightweight, combat, and slip leads today and find the pawfect fit.

See Dog Leads

Dog harnesses

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to dog walking gear. Dog harnesses are one of the best ways to improve dog walking safety and training. Our dog harnesses each have features specifically designed for different dog's needs. Some are reflective for safety, some are mesh lined for comfort, and others are anti-pull for those dogs that are all go! It’s also great to know many of our harnesses come with handles.

See Dog Harnesses

Explore accessories for dogs with BullyBillows

Thanks for joining us in finding the very best presents for dogs and dog lovers for this festive season! We hope it was helpful. 

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