Dog Collars

Dog collars are essential for any dog-owner. BullyBillows dog collars have been expertly crafted to ensure they are comfortable and practical for any dog breed, big or small. Slip-on collars, Combat® clip collars, puppy and growing breed collars, and more are all available at the touch of a button. Every dog collar is lined with neoprene, foam or both, and you can personalise almost everything. Explore the range of dog collar colours, patterns, and types of fit below!

Dog Collars

Dog collars with handle

If you’re looking for a dog collar that meets training and extra control requirements, we recommend looking at collars with handles. 

A collar with a handle can add an extra level of control if your dog gets particularly excited or stressed in certain situations and needs to be guided. It is an easy way of ensuring your dog stays near you in busy environments. Of course, we encourage you to keep your dog out of stressful encounters, but we understand that unpredictable moments can occur sometimes when travelling or out on a walk. A dog collar with a handle is a great way to ease any stresses and keep them near.  

Our dog collars with handles can also be used for training purposes, allowing you to guide and correct your dog's behaviour gently. 

For the most popular dog collars with or without handles, see our Combat Collars.

Personalised dog collars

Our personalised dog collar option offers a unique solution for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with a personalised and stylish accessory. 

Safety is our priority here at BullyBillows. Our personalisation options are a useful safety element that guarantees that the dog can be quickly identified if, in an unwanted situation, they become lost. 

We also recommend adding a Personalised Engraved ID Tag to your dog’s collar for extra protection and information. 

Benefits of Personalising Dog Collars

The best dog collars

We guarantee quality, whether your pet is a feisty pup or a chilled senior, you will be sure to find the best collar for your dog’s needs. Explore the range of slip-on collars, combat collars (collars with handles!), waterproof collars or lightweight collars for smaller breeds.

All are available in a variety of unique colours and personalisation options. If you’d like some advice on which dog collar is right for your breed, read our helpful guide: 

Dog Collar Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know