How to Use a Dog Lead Safely

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How to Use a Dog Lead Safely

When you buy dog lead online, it is so important to learn the correct and safe way to use a lead. A dog lead is an ideal training tool that you will use almost every day. This means, it’s important for you to know how to use it correctly to ensure the safety of your beloved pet. 

Some people believe that dogs naturally learn how to walk expertly on a lead, but that’s not true. It is a skill - something that you need to train them. And then, before training your canine, you must first know how to safely manage the lead. And of course – choose the right dog lead!

In this article we explore how to walk your dog on their lead safely. There is much more to it than just chucking the lead on and strolling outside. Read on for our tips on lead safety…

Dog lead safety

Here, we will discuss the best ways to use your dog lead safely. These tips will ensure that you are in control yet your dog has enough space to move and take some friendly leaps.

Pick the right lead for your furry friend

Lead safety is one thing – but it’s no good if you don’t have the correct size and type lead for your dog. Look out for weight and length of the dog lead you would like to use on your dog walks. Like this, there are many key factors that must to be taken into account when choosing a dog lead, including:

  • Dog age
  • Dog breed
  • Types of dog walks you will take
  • Breed strength 
  • And more! 

We delve into this and much more in our Complete Guide to Buying a Dog Lead. Read the full guide today to help you choose the perfect type of lead for your dog.

Use a harness with your lead

Harnesses add that extra layer of safety. They allow you to have something extra to clip your dog lead on without having to worry about your dog pulling and injuring their neck. Of course, some pups will still pull – but that’s what anti-pull harnesses are for! But remember, ensure your lead is compatible with your harness. 

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Use a training lead if needed

If your four-legged friend is particularly excitable, you may need a proper training lead. Especially in the earlier years! Luckily, we have the very best training leads for dogs available! When choosing a training lead, look for ones that are both versatile and durable.

Shop Dog Training Leads to find the right one for your pup. Or, perhaps slip leads for training are more your thing? Fear not. Explore our Slip Training Leads today for ultimate control and training ability. 

Buckle up and hold the lead in front of your body

Suppose if you are using a 6-foot long standard lead, and you want to walk your dog on your left side. The right way to do so is to attach the clip to the collar of your dog, and then hold the lead end in your right hand, directly in front of your body.

Stay stable and have control over the dog lead

Now hold the dog lead in your left hand about two feet above your dog so that you can have the leash in both hands.  When you hold the leash this way, it provides stability to the leash with your right hand. 

However, with your left hand, you will be able to direct and control your dog. The right hand is stable and tied up, while the left-hand direct, and shortens the hanging as required. This way you have control over the movements of your dog without him feeling uncomfortable in any way.

Change the direction of your dog 

If you constantly put pressure on your dogs, they will resist it. It means the longer you pull back and apply constant pressure on the lead of your dog, the harder they try to pull themselves forward. 

To avoid the situation, keep changing the directions whenever you feel your dog is pulling forward. It can be helpful while you practice leash skills.

Use high-quality dog lead

Teaching your pup to walk on a lead may include lots of push and pulls, so it is important to practice the lead skills using a high-quality lead. Different dogs need different types of leashes, some need nylon lead while others need a rope leash. Pick the right one after careful consideration to ensure the safety of your beloved canine. 


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We hope you found this article helpful and now understand how to use and choose a dog lead safely. 

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