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Summers are love! We all get excited to hit the beach and soak in the sunshine, often with our deary pooches.

However, do you realise that summer might not be as much fun for your dogs as it might be for you? It’s because, unlike us, they cannot cool themselves by evaporation or sweating!

Dog's body temperature rises after continuous exercise or exposure to the heat outside, so keeping them cool in the summer is a must. Yes, the winters can be rough, but the heat of the summer is no joke! Can you imagine being stuck in your coat all day, every day? Even the thought makes us uncomfortable. Right?

So, how can you help them? Try these tips to keep your dog cool in summer:

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summers

Water, Water Everywhere!

Your dog needs to stay hydrated all day long, especially during the hot months. Ensure your dog always has access to fresh drinking water. If you have a yard and your dog will be outside for some time, carry extra water with you.

You can buy special bottles that attach to leashes and can be used as a water bowl for your pup when he gets thirsty. They come in handy!

You can also keep them hydrated with some yummy cold treats that contain water. It is also a good idea to freeze their treats into ice cubes.

Create a Shade

Keep your dog inside your home when the temperature is high.

If they're willing to be outside for a long time, provide a shady area for them to lounge. Make sure you keep your dog in a shady and cool place where they can relax and hide from the sun.

If you have a backyard, put up an umbrella or set up a tent somewhere in the shade so that your dog can lay down and relax. If you live in an apartment with limited access to shade, keep a fan blowing so that air is circulating for your pooch!

Cool Them Down

Treat your dog with a cool bath before you head out on a walk. Also, spray them down with an outdoor hose before they get back inside the house. It will help keep their body temperature down while out in the heat.

Keep Their Paws Safe

The roads can get very hot in summer. If it's too hot for your bare feet, it's too hot for your dog's paws too!

Avoid taking them for a walk during the highest temperature of the day. Also, make sure you don't walk your dog on hot pavement. The heat from the pavement can burn your dog's paws and make them uncomfortable.

Limit Exercising

Exercise is great for any time of year, but during the summer, when it's hot outside, limit your dog's outdoor exercise. Instead, indulge him in indoor exercises and games.

If your dog needs to go out, make sure that it's done early in the morning or late at night when it's cooler.

Try a Cooling Vest or Mat

These products can help bring down your dog's body temperature. A vest helps keep your dog safe by avoiding direct sunlight. It’s great protection from sun rays.

You can also use a cooling mat to keep them safe from the hot surface on the porch or indoor areas near windows.

We believe these summer tips will have all you set to rock your and your dog’s summertime.

Also, don’t forget to use a collar and a leash while visiting the beach. Bully Billows offer high-quality dog safety and training products, including harnesses, leads, collars, and leashes. Explore our shop now!


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