Should I Take My Dog's Collar Off When Indoors?

Posted: 26 Jan 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Should I Take My Dog's Collar Off When Indoors?

Should I make my dog wear a collar when he is indoors?

This is the common question that many people ask. Well, there is no specific rule to this as it depends upon the breed of your dog, their personality, their size, and how well they are trained. Moreover, you need to make sure that the dog collar doesn’t become a choking hazard.

However; in most states, there is a law for pet owners to make the dog wear a collar when outdoors. A dog collar ensures that your pet can be found, identified, and returned if it gets lost. As ID tags attached to pet collars contain information such as the name of the dog, address of the owner, and phone number. Some people include proof of vaccination for the safety of their pet and others.

It is completely up to the pet owners whether they want their dog to wear a dog collar at home or not. If you ever consider taking off the collar, here are a few reasons why it is a safer option when your pet stays indoors. 

Taking off your dog’s collar inside

1.      Prevent the dog from chewing their collar

Some collars are uncomfortable for dogs, and to reduce the uneasiness, they scratch or chew the collar. It highly increases the danger of swallowing a part of the collar that may require surgery to remove it in severe cases. You should remove the collar when your dog is enjoying the coziness and comfort of home. Keep it safely at the place out from the reach of your dog. Also, go for a collar that is comfortable and offers a good fit.

2.      Prevent the choking

When put in the wrong way, dog collars can put your pooch at the risk of strangulation. Even a well-fitted dog collar can be dangerous if your dog has an aggressive personality. You will have to stay very cautious in case your dog has a habit of jumping here and there as he may end up hanging or choking himself.

3.      The collar can cause skin irritation

Skin problems can happen due to some of the materials of the collar, damaging the coat around the neck of the dog. When the collar is around their neck for a long time it can wear the hair there and expose the skin off.

As a pet parent, you can understand better how unpleasant it could be for them to wear the collar all the time in such a situation.

Knowing the importance of wearing a collar many brands have come up with daily use collars that are easy to attach and remove. The daily use collars are not even harsh on the dog skin and can snap on and off easily. Along with being comfortable, these collars are also well built which makes it impossible for the pup to break them off.

Dog collars are vital outside the home as they carry a lot of information. But, making your dog wear that collar 24/7 is a little irrational and inhumane. Like humans, dogs too enjoy freedom; so, give your pup a break for some time.

We recommend you to pick collars that are comfortable and safe. You can consider Bully Billows to buy quality dog collars along with other pet supplies for your loving pet!

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