Five Practical Ways to Care for Your Sick Dog

Posted: 08 Jul 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Five Practical Ways to Care for Your Sick Dog

Your pup is your family, and seeing your family member sick is painful for everyone.

If you think your pet is sick, recognize the severity of the illness. In case of mild illness, you can treat your pup at home. Visit a vet when you recognize anything serious.

Your dog cannot communicate its pain directly to you, which makes it challenging to comfort it. However, you can try to make them comfortable while keeping them well-rested and hydrated, which will help in faster healing.

No matter whatever you do to ensure your furry pal stays healthy, but sometimes things don’t just work. So, what can you do in such cases? Here are some ways you can help your furry friend feel a little better. Let’s begin.

Simple ways to take good care of your sick dog

1.      Track your pet’s bathroom needs

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog’s bathroom needs, especially when he falls sick. During these tough days, he is most likely to feel too exhausted to get up from his place and use the bathroom.

Keeping that in mind, you need to change their bedding every day during the time he is sick. Also, your dog may smell of urine and feces, make sure to bathe it twice a week at least.

2.      Try to keep them calm and relaxing

Your dog feels uncomfortable and unsafe when sick. At that time, you are the person to whom they look for reassurance that they will be okay. They expect that you take care of them.

To make them feel relaxed, talk to them in a gentle voice. Show your pup that you love and care for them. Pets may not understand your words, but they understand your gestures and tone. Beware of your attitude as it affects how your pet feels. Your dog notices when you feel stressed, scared, or angry. Spend some quality time with them to make them feel secure and loved.

3.      Groom your pup

Sick dogs do not have enough energy to keep themselves clean. They tend to lie in one place for a long time, dirty and exhausted. At such times it becomes your responsibility to keep your pet clean.

It is not necessary to give them a proper bath when they are sick (as it can make them feel more irritated). Instead, you can just wipe their body with the help of a clean, wet cloth. Make sure to wipe over their ears, nose, and eyes. Gentle combing and brushing can also help them to look and feel better.

4.      Encourage to become active

When sick, your dog may not feel like even moving a muscle. However, it can do more bad to their health. They tend to develop infections and bedsores when they spend most of their time immobile.

So, when the dog is sick, take them on short walks or play with them indoors. It will make them feel a bit fresh and also prevent infections.

5.      Take care of diet

Do not let the dogs eat too heavy food while they are sick as it will make them feel worse, especially when they are suffering from diarrhoea or nausea. Give them completely blended pet food. Cottage cheese and boiled chicken with a bowl of rice can be a good choice. You can ask your vet to get more detailed information on food for sick dogs.

Follow the tips mentioned above if your dog is sick. Be loving to your pet and make sure you are present at all times when your pooch needs you. Meanwhile, if you need dog supplies for training, visit Bully Billows and get the best dog products.


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