Dog Walking Must-Haves Guide

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Dog Walking Must-Haves Guide

Whether you’re going for a stroll around the block or planning a paw-friendly hiking holiday somewhere further from home, it’s important to make sure you’ve got everything you need before heading out the door. 

We’ve got you covered with all the most important dog walking equipment to ensure you’re never caught red-handed with no poo bags or stuck trying to reward recall with no treats. 

Plus, we’ll help make sure you’ve got all the legal stuff sorted with things like comfortable safety muzzles and engraved ID tags. 

Keep reading for our expert tips on making sure you’re fully kitted out with your must-have dog walking gear…

Essential dog walking accessories

Dog? Check. Walking boots? Check. Decent weather forecast? Hmm, that one can’t be guaranteed—but whatever the weather, these are the must-have bits and bobs you need to box off before setting off on your next walkies.

A dog collar with an ID tag

Whether it’s to identify your pooch in the distance, to clip a lead to, or provide your contact details if your pet is found going walkabouts, you need to stick ‘buy a BullyBillows dog collar’ on the top of your to-do list. 

All of our dog collars have been expertly crafted to make sure they’re comfy and practical for dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. They’re all lined with neoprene or foam (or both) too to keep comfort in check and odour at bay. 

Once you’ve got a collar sorted, don’t forget to buy an engraved ID tag for your doggo too. Not only does this look uber cute, but it’s also actually a legal requirement now. 

By law, a dog’s ID tag needs to show the owner's name, address, and postcode but we’d also recommend including a contact number so somebody can get in touch with you if they find your fur baby.

You don’t legally have to include your dog’s name on their ID tag and we wouldn’t advise doing so either. With dog theft at an all-time high, we’d recommend leaving your pet’s name off so that nobody can see it and call them over by their name. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The right type of harness or lead for your pooch

One of the most important things to get right when it comes to essential dog walking equipment is your dog harness and dog lead (some have both). This is important for both you and them because walks are way more fun when your fur baby is comfortable and you feel relaxed and in control.

For example, if you’re teaching a puppy the ropes, you might want to take a look at training harnesses and then graduate to a daily walking harness once they’ve got the hang of it. 

Similarly, you might want a combination of training leads, slip leads, and combat leads so there’s something to suit your dog walking needs, whatever you’ve got on your agenda.

Top tip: invest in a spare lead to keep on hand as a backup in case yours breaks while you’re out walking. If you buy a good quality lead, this shouldn’t happen but you can never be too careful, especially if you have a dog that’s partial to pulling. 

A comfortable muzzle (if your furry friend needs one)

Some breeds of dogs are considered dangerous and are required to wear a muzzle in public by law. The XL Bully breed was the most recent to be added to the list of dogs who need to wear a muzzle as a legal requirement when out on walks.

The BullyBillows Flexible Cage Muzzle is designed to make sure you meet the legal regulations while keeping your dog completely comfortable while they’re wearing it. It’s flexible, anti-friction, and lined with neoprene so frolicking in fields and games of fetch aren’t interrupted. 

If you’re looking for a muzzle for a non-dangerous breed and want an alternative to the traditional cage muzzle, check out our soft Fabric Safety Muzzle.

Three points of adjustment keep the muzzle tight enough to control the jaw and prevent biting but also loose enough to allow your pup the freedom to pant.

A doggy coat for when the weather’s bad

Make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality so you can still enjoy your walks together come rain or shine. 

Kit your furry friend out with a showerproof dog coat or cosy fleece so the cold winds and wet weather never rain on your pup’s parade.

Plenty of poo bags, duh! 

This one probably doesn’t need any explanation but no dog walk is complete without a pocketful of poo bags. Word to the wise: go for something high-strength with handles to keep the clean-up as, well, clean as possible… 

Look for BPA-free dog poo bags that are biodegradable and sustainably sourced so you know your pup’s poop time isn’t harming the planet. 

A dedicated dog-walking bag for you to wear

You’re going to need somewhere to pop your treat pouch, poo bags, and other personal items like your keys and your phone so don’t forget to get yourself a dog walking bag.

Go for one with purpose-built features like a poo bag holder and adjustable straps so you can stay hands-free when you’re out and about—you’re going to need them for throwing balls and administering treats.

Having a dedicated dog bag also means you won’t end up with gravy bone crumbs or dog slobber stains in your day-to-day accessories. Win, win. 

Shop BullyBillows' exclusive Dog Walking Bag.

A doggy blanket for your car

The best part about dog walks for your pooch? The rolling in mud and playing in puddles. The worst part about dog walks for you? The rolling in mud and playing in puddles. 

It’s a pure joy to see your pet having fun outdoors but it’s not such great news when it comes to getting back in the car.

Keeping a washable dog blanket on hand will protect your vehicle from getting dirty or damaged when chauffeuring from A to B. 

Our BullyBillows dog blanket will even help calm your dog down after a stint of the zoomies or soothe pets that get anxious when traveling by car.

All you’ll need to do is wash it at a mild temperature when you get home and allow it to air dry naturally—it’ll be as good as new in no time, ready for the next muddy adventure.

Get all your dog walking accessories right here at BullyBillows

We hope you’ve found our guide to dog walking must-haves useful and that you’re now ready and raring to go walkies with all the right equipment. The best part? We’ve made it easy to buy all your essentials in one place.

We stock a whole host of high-quality leads, collars, and other dog walking gear, from treat pouches to comfortable safety muzzles, so don’t leave without browsing our full selection—your four-legged friend will thank you later.

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