5 Dog Grooming Tips You Should Know

Posted: 07 Jul 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Dog Grooming Tips You Should Know

Having an unkempt, messy, and bad-smelling dog means that your house is more likely to have a bad odour.

An untended coat can be uncomfortable for your dog and it can attract ticks, mats, and fleas. Also, it can result in excessive shedding and you will see your dog’s hair spreading in all directions. All this makes everything seem chaotic and difficult to deal with.

However, with regular grooming, you can prevent such conditions from developing in your pup and enjoy good times with your furry mate. Brushing, bathing, nail cleaning & clipping and similar grooming activities can keep your dog healthy and adorable! It can avoid the possibilities of parasite infestations and skin issues, alongside helping you bond wonderfully with your pup.

Must-know dog grooming tips

We know it is easier to get your furry straight to a professional groomer. However, the services may come with pocket ripping prices. Thus, we are here with a few tips that will help you with your at-home grooming routine for your furry friend. Let’s begin.


1.      Brush their coat regularly

Regularly brushing the coat of your dog will prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and dead hair on the coat and the skin. Brushing distributes natural oils, making the coat and skin of your dog shiny, healthy and odour-free. When you brush properly it eliminates matting and tangling of furs and makes your next grooming appointment so smooth.

Your pooch needs so much more than just regular brushing to get a matt-free coat. Use a metal comb after brushing to get down to the skin and identify the formation of any matt. Use the metal comb gently and carefully, especially if your pup has sensitive skin.

2.      Brush their teeth

Some pup parents only get their pup’s teeth brushed when they visit the salon, but that is not enough for their hygiene and health. It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily, but even brushing them 2 – 3 times a week can be a good start. Ensure that you use only toothpaste made especially for dogs. Dogs can’t spit, so the unsafe ingredients in our toothpaste could make them sick when swallowed. You can use a child’s toothbrush which is softer on the gums of your dog.

3.      Examine their skin while grooming

It is so common in dogs to have allergic skin diseases, which cause itchiness. They often start scratching, chewing, or licking their skin. Also, parasites like ticks, lice, tapeworm, and mites cause diseases.

Do check their skin for lumps, bumps, or other unusual skin conditions while grooming. Part their coat and check closely for sores, bald spots, rashes, and parasite infestation.

4.      Trim nails

Whenever you find your dog clicking on the hard floor of your home, remember it’s time to trim your dog’s nails. Regular trimming prevents your dog from experiencing discomfort with their long nails. However, take some safety tips from experts before you trim your dog’s nails for the first time.

5.      Clean eye goop

Some dogs produce excess goop around their eyes. Their excess tears and eye discharge get accumulated on the corners of their eyes and get hardened. It is recommended to clean the eye goop using a warm wet cloth and flea comb. Some dogs also get red tear stains which can be removed using tear stain removal.

However, you must be cautious about it, sometimes excess tears and eye discharge can be symptoms of conjunctivitis. Visit the vet with them if you notice irritation, redness, or foul smell in your dog.

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