Top Three Reasons Why Your Dog Licks You

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Posted: 10 Nov 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Top Three Reasons Why Your Dog Licks You

Dogs exhibit many behaviours, licking being one of them. There are different reasons why your furry canine friend will lick you, and most people think he will do this to catch your attention. Well, this is a valid motive, but what if it's excessively licking you? It may not look too cute to many people.

The licking habits of dogs vary, and so are the reasons. In this blog, you will learn three reasons your dog licks you.

Does Your Dog Like Licking You? These Might be the Primary Reasons!

To Show Affection

As mentioned earlier, your dog will often lick you as a sign of your excellent bond with him. This is an action he picks up potentially at a tender age.

Often, mother dogs lick their puppies to comfort or groom them. It’s the first thing the mum does when the puppy is born.

As the dog grows, he will automatically show the same love to those close to him. Licking builds your bond with your pet gradually. He will get good feelings by doing so; sometimes, it shows he is submissive.

 As a Way of Expressing their Feelings

Dogs have feelings too! They can express them by licking you. For instance, when your canine feels anxious, maybe due to separation, he will look for a way to soothe himself and mostly licking you is a solution. By doing this, his brain releases dopamine and endorphins, so he feels relaxed.

Canines also show empathy by licking the ones close to them. They have been brought up alongside humans and can interpret and respond to human emotions.

Remember, you are your pet's caregiver, so it gets used to you with time. It can know when you are upset and respond to this situation by licking you. Your dog will comfort you when unhappy.

Similarly, the dog might want to taste you when they feel you are salty after a workout. After you make food, it will want to delve into the particles left on your skin. Doing this means that you taste good and is a comforting thing for it to do.

For a Reward

When your dog licks you, often you'll pat him and embrace it. Doing this reinforces the behaviour, and it becomes a custom. Other times, you might give him a distraction, such as a toy, once it starts licking you, and he gets used to this.

 Some dogs simply want the attention; that's why they lick you. So once you understand this behaviour, determine what they want and reward the canine with it. You can also respond differently to it to teach that you don't want it to lick you.

Wrapping Up

Licking is often a natural language for dogs that might be hard to understand. As you spend more time with your canine, you will precisely comprehend what it wants after licking you and react to it.

While licking often indicates good things from your dog, excessively doing it may show that they aren't feeling well. If you notice this, talk to your Veterinarian.

We hope these tips help you understand this habit in your dog. Bully Billows sells dog accessories; you can purchase our unique products from our store. Visit us today!


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