Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Premium-Quality Dog Fleece

Posted: 05 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Premium-Quality Dog Fleece

It’s not very uncommon to bump into dogs wearing colourful fleece while out on their walks. The coats look attractive in eccentric designs and styles and make the dogs look cuter. You must’ve given purchasing a fleece for your dog a thought at least once or twice.


However, if you’re buying in just for styling purposes, you’re in for a treat. While a dog fleece looks like an accessory to dress up your dog, it’s a lot more than a style statement. It is quite beneficial to your dog and serves a functional purpose.


In this blog, let’s understand the reasons why you should invest in a quality dog fleece -

Why Get a Fleece for Your Dog?

1.     It Gives Them Warmth

The climate can get the best of us. If you need a coat to keep yourself warm in the cold weather, your dog might need it too.


Your dog has a fur coat of its own. Generally, large, shredding dogs don’t need fleece. However, not every breed can keep itself warm in winters. If you have a small breed dog with short legs, a thin body frame, and thin coats, it’ll need a fleece in colder months.


Look for signs in your dog’s body language if it needs a fleece. Some dogs refuse to walk or hold up their paws if they’re feeling cold. Some dogs need a jacket to only get warmed up and then slowly adjust to the temperature.

2.    It Keeps Them Clean

We all love our dogs unconditionally. However, you can’t deny that oftentimes, other responsibilities come meddling in while taking care of your dogs. You may have to adjust timings and make do with a quick walk with your dog. The last thing that you want then is to deal with the wet and muddy paws and fur of your dog.


A dog fleece prevents your dog from getting dirty. Dogs also tend to walk in decomposing substances while on the road. The dog coat will reduce your responsibilities as you won’t need to bathe or clean them after every walk.

3.    It Keeps Them Dry

Every dog owner knows that dogs require walks, regardless of the weather. Whether it’s bright sunshine, rain showers, or icy snow on the road, your dog will need some moments outside.


It’s no secret that walking dogs around in the rainy season is a task. Not only do they get dirty in the wet mud, but their walks become difficult too, as the water seeps into the fur. Just like we need a coat as a barrier in the rain, dogs need it too. The fleece will keep the dog dry. Moreover, it’ll dry quickly as well.


A dog fleece is quite a necessary investment for your beloved pet. More so, if your dog is not equipped to handle the cold temperatures. Determine the needs of your dogs and choose an appropriate size, style, and fabric for them.


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