5 Benefits of Dogs and Kids Growing Up Together

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5 Benefits of Dogs and Kids Growing Up Together

Is your kid nagging you constantly to get a pup? We’d suggest getting them one!

Asking why? Well, because kids knit a special bond with dogs. Dogs can be a lot more than play buddies for your little ones. The presence of a furry friend around your children can boost their physical, cognitive and emotional health, almost effortlessly.

Need more convincing? Learn why the companionship of kids and dogs is a wise idea, right here.

Benefits of Dogs and Kids Growing Up Together

Makes your Kid Responsible

When you bring a dog home, you can ask your kid to take care of them. Assign them small responsibilities such as walking and feeding the dog. These little tasks give them a life lesson of responsibility, training them to grow up into accountable people.

Provides Company for Both

Being a child is not easy, especially when they don’t have a company of similar age. Things get a little easier when kids have a constant companion in their ups and downs.

Dogs are great companions for kids. They comfort each other while learning difficult lessons. Having a pet means they always have someone to turn to when feeling angry, sad, frightened, or happy. Cuddling with a dog helps kids feel relaxed and relieved.

Improves Health

According to a study, kids who stay in contact with their pets get less sick. The pets and microbes they carry are said to help improve the immune system of babies. It is also found that kids that grow together with their pet have fewer risks of developing allergy problems. It is most effective to pet a dog during the first year of birth of your kid.

Boosts Emotional Intelligence

We all want to improve the IQ of our kids. However, have you ever thought of boosting their EQ(emotional intelligence)?

Yes, kids’ close contact with dogs helps increase the emotional intelligence of your little ones.

Your kid becomes more humane when they start caring for another life(their pet). Feeding their dog, bathing them, walking them, this all requires your kid to step out of themselves and become selfless. Moreover, caring for their pet boosts their self-esteem. Accomplishing small tasks makes them feel worthy and accomplished.

Encourages Teamwork

Adding a pet to the family gives a golden opportunity to strengthen the bond between siblings and teaching teamwork. When all your kids have a shared responsibility to feed, bathe, and walk their pets, they learn teamwork and work in harmony. It brings your kids closer to each other.

Promotes Active Lifestyle

Having a dog in the house encourages an active lifestyle. The kids always have something to do. Apart from exercising and walking, dogs require plenty of playtimes. It keeps your child physically active. Their love for their pet motivates them to do stuff even when they don’t want to.

Bringing a dog into your family is one of the most valuable gifts for your kid. It enriches the life of your kid in all aspects.

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