Active Harness | With Handle - Padded Lining & Highly Reflective - Grey


Active Harness | With Handle - Padded Lining & Highly Reflective - Grey



Size: A
Size Guide

The chest measurement of your dog, or the girth, is the first measurement you’ll need to take. This can be taken by placing the measuring tape around the widest part of your dog’s torso, usually just behind the front legs.

The next measurement should be taken around the lower part of your dog’s neck, simply measure the widest part at the base of the neck as this is where the harness is going to sit. This size chart is based on min-max measurements.

Size Neck Girth Chest Girth
A 26cm-41cm 38cm-46cm
B 34cm-52cm 46cm-56cm
C 37cm-57cm 56cm-68cm
D 41cm-60cm 69cm-82cm
E 52cm-82cm 82cm-106cm
Colour: Grey
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All Breeds

Suitable for any breed, age and size.

Elasticated Material

Elasticated material to prevent sudden shocks.

Great for Puppies

Perfect for small breeds, and growing puppies.

Harness Handle

Secure, emergency handle. Peace of mind.

Natural Movement

Unlike other brands, this does not restrict natural movement.


Versatile, can be used in many different ways.


Tired of smelly dog products? Tired no more.

Sensitive Skin?

Anti-allergenic, gentle for your best friend.

Shock Proof

Tired of your dog jolting you during walks?


Soft lining inside and prevents rubbing for ultra comfort.

Stainless Steel Hardware

No rusting hardware, unlike other brands.

Helps Eliminate Pulling Dogs

Helps eliminates pulling when out on walks.

Wipe Clean Material

Dirt and grime wipe off with ease.

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