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4cm Nylon Dog Collar - Black v2.0
4cm Nylon Dog Collar - Black v2.0
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4cm Nylon Dog Collar - Black v2.0


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Nylon Pin Collar v2.0 - 100% Stainless Steel Hardware which is not only rust proof and extremely hard-wearing, this collar also includes a soft quick-drying neoprene lining for your dogs comfort.

Suffering from sensitive skin? This collar consists of 2 internal layers: Nylon and Neoprene. Experience a much more comfortable and pleasant collar experience for your dog as the Neoprene is a soft layer which helps to prevent irritation to your dogs fur/skin.

This is BullyBillows's DNA collar which has evolved along the way making it a perfect and affordable collar for daily use.

  • Triple stitched for peace of mind
  • Life time guarantee on the Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Pressure tested to withstand extreme force for security and peace of mind.


Lined with soft neoprene
for ultimate comfort.

All Round Use

Perfect for daily use, sporting and training activities.


Neoprene is an odourless material.

All Breeds

This product is suitable for any breed.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Rust proof for long-life use. Lifetime guarantee on the hardware.

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