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🔥 5cm Combat Collars - NO HANDLE Available Now 🔥
🔥 5cm Combat Collars - NO HANDLE Available Now 🔥

2.5cm Combat Dog Collar - Mustard Yellow v2.0


Customisation Charge: £8.99

Please note that by choosing to customise your product, it will take 5-10 working days to complete.

BullyBillows combat collar equipped with triple-stitched nylon, a secure 6mm Stainless Steel D Loop and a specially crafted bespoke clip for quick release and lock.

Pressure tested to withstand a staggering 250KG of pressure.

For ultimate control and peace of mind, we've included a double-stitched handle perfect in emergency situations.

Suitable for daily use on any breed and used for professional dog handling, police, military and security. ​

Combat Clip
Easy to clip on and off, this combat clip has been pressure tested to withstand 400kg of pressure.

Emergency Handle
Easily tucked away but very useful in situations which require full control of your dog.

All Round Use
A day to day collar and used widely in conjunction with dog sports & training.

Adjustable Graded Nylon
Adjust the collar size for your dogs neck perfectly by simply releasing or tightening the nylon securely.

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