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This 5cm collar comes with a solid Buckle & Stainless Steel D Loop. With larger and more durable eyelets. The 5cm width is perfect for the bigger dogs, providing a wider area to equally distribute weight, preventing snapping and breakage. These collars are hard wearing nylon with a soft, quick drying neoprene lining inside for your dogs comfort. The traditional BullyBillows collars are back by popular demand and we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Product Info• 2 Layers of durable, triple stitched Nylon material.• 6x Double secured pockets to hold up to 6 individual weights.• 1 Layer of thick neoprene lined inside for ultimate comfort.• Adjustable belt to ensure the excess material is neatly tucked away.• BullyBillows buckle with no interface, comes as a solid unit.• Stainless steel Buckle & D Loop. Rust proof metals. Weights: Size Large & XLarge holds up to 6 weights. Addtional Information: This collar is including weights, you can also purchase the weights by viewing the weight product page and select how many you would wish to purchase depending on the size, strength and age of your dog. We strongly advise NOT using any of our weigthted products on puppies less than 12 months old to avoid any possible injury that may occur on young growing dogs. We also strongly advise to introduce weights gradually and increase weight over a long period of time to allow your dog to adapt to carrying extra weight. How soon weight is increased is entirely down to the owners discretion as all dogs have different capabilities.

5cm Nylon Weighted Collar - Including Weights